The IPO Launch Meeting



Zhengzhou Wanda Mac-Global Development Co., Ltd.

      At 9.30am on March 19, the IPO launch meeting of wanda heavy was held in the company's eighth floor conference room.Leaders of wanda heavy's new board of directors, members of the board of supervisors, ethnic securities, ju kuan and other enterprises attended the conference.The meeting was presided over by Ms. Ma xiaoyan, secretary of the board of directors. At the meeting, general manager Yang and teacher li of ethnic securities respectively made specific work plans for the launch of this project.
      At the end of the meeting, he qing, chairman and secretary of the joint stock company, made the concluding speech.Chairman of wanda heavy industry successful IPO on the core work of stressed that any enterprise to implement a successful IPO is never a simple job, wanda heavy industry and the relevant institutions unified understanding, sincere cooperation, mix, in order to "open roads meeting the mountain, the water bridge" overcome difficult spirit and determination to finish the important strategic work.Chairman of the board of directors is the key work for the next stage put forward specific requirements: one is positive and well to the SFC IPO filing work, release of good news to the market and investors, improve team cohesion and centripetal force.Second, we should do a good job in market value management to ensure that the share price can truly reflect the enterprise value of wanda heavy industry and show the investment value of wanda heavy industry to the real value investors in the market.Third, we need to optimize the roadmap and timetable of the entire IPO task, accelerate its progress and steadily implement it.Fourth, we should set up a special working organization - listing office to strengthen the leadership and management of this work.
      In the past 2017, wanda heavy has made outstanding achievements in strategic layout, product research and development, brand building, operating performance and management innovation.2 · 5 wanda heavy industries are struggling to implement the company development plan (2016-2020), wanda heavy industry is moving toward "plan in 2020, wanda group's annual revenue breakthrough 1.5 billion yuan, total market capitalization of enterprises reached 5 billion yuan, a successful implementation in the gem IPO;Wanda heavy, the company's main business, will become a leader in the pipeline industry by becoming a strategic target of joining hands and forging ahead.